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Terms And Conditions

  1. The ticket is valid only on receipt of payment.
  2. Valid photo ID is required to book your ticket & board the bus.
  3. Passengers should arrive at the boarding point with valid ticket at least 15 min. before the scheduled departure time.
  4. Smoking, consumption of alcohol, Pan / Gutka / Tobacco etc. chewing / spitting is prohibited in the bus.
  5. Animals, Birds, Reptiles, fish etc. are not allowed in the bus.
  6. Hina Tours will not be liable for any delays in departures and arrivals caused by accidents, breakdowns, road conditions / blocks, weather and any other conditions beyond its control.
  7. Hina Tours reserves the right to transfer the passengers when operating conditions require.
  8. Hina Tours reserves the right to transport any passenger.
    • carrying, consuming or under influence of intoxicants.
    • who is medically unfit or incapable of travelling.
    • whose conduct is such or likely to be such so as to make him or her objectionable to other passengers or prospective passengers.
    • women in advanced stage of pregnancy against bus travel.
    • who refuse to permit a search of his or her person or property for security reason or who fails to provide valid identification upon request
    • who refuses to comply with law, rule or regulations of travel are prohibited.
  9. Hina Tours is committed to take utmost care and safety of passengers and their belongings, however Hina Tours will not be responsible for any theft, damage, or loss of luggage or other belongings of the passenger while in transit. It is solely at the risk of the passenger.
  10. Bus fare is collected only towards transport which does not include Value Added Services that are subject to avaliablity. Tickets are not transferable. Impersonation is punishable under law. Passengers shall board at designated boarding points mentioned in the ticket.
  11. Passenger is allowed to self carry a child upto Three years of age. No separate seat will be allocated for the child. Free baggage including handbag upto 20 kg’s per passenger ticket is only allowed.
  12. Extra luggage is charged at the following rates.
    • Upto 20 Kg’s – Free
    • 20-30Kg - Rs.50/-
    • Above 30 Kg’s - Rs.10/ per kg / extra.
    • Oversized / Over weight luggage will not be allowed.
  13. On production of Original Journey Reservation ticket rules of cancellations / postponement as mentioned below
    • Upto 24 hours before departure time -10% of fare.
    • 24 hours to 08 hours of departure time-25% of fare.
    • 08 hours to 04 hours of departure time-50% of fare.
    • Within 04 hours or after departure time or No Show-No Refund.